A few story frames

I hope you’re enjoying the photos of my adventures around the world! If you would like some of my story frames to bring joy into your home, here are two options.

[1] Buy Flowers and People on Blurb

Click on Flowers and People on Blurb to see my self-published booklet.
It is a collection of photographs of flowers and short poems about the human condition.
The Blurb prices are quite high, but they can drop if enough people are interested in the product. E-mail me if you’re interested!

[2] Customize your prints

If you would like any of the works printed, framed and sent to you:

  • Find the picture you like
  • Copy the link of the blog post it is in
  • Paste it in the comment section bellow
  • Add your name, address,some printing and framing preferences in the comments
  • Submit!

I will send you an offer of printing and framing options and we can take it from there. The price will also depend on your location! Thank you!

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