Sunset Ponies

Ponies of Dartmoor at Sunset

After a long hike, trying to find Hound Tor in Dartmoor, we came across these ponies. They were grazing in the ferns, as the gentle sunset rays caressed their manes. Time seemed to have stopped for them, giving a stark contrast to our aching bodies, eager to find shelter once more.

Horses of the Mist

Horses of the mist

One lovely month of May, I took a trip to Gower in Wales. There I found a beautiful manor house called Parc Le Breos, near Three Cliffs Bay. The house had a horse farm and tourists could ride to the beach. Some of these horses were like paintings in the morning mist. I loved it there and hope to return one day.

The Loner

The loner

The sun was setting over Keswick, Lake District, England and this lovely fellow walked slowly into the frame. He stopped and pondered and so did I, as I pressed the button.

Real Muybridge Horses

Real Muybridge Horses

On a quiet September day, me and two good friends went on a long walk from Bath to Freshford, UK. Along the way we spotted a group of horses, placed in a most peculiar arrangement. This reminded me of Muybridge’s animated horse.

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