Mrs Acorn

Mrs Acorn

One thing 2020 has taught me is to appreciate the little things. The way light shines through green leaves, coffee with milk chocolate, plastic free coconut shampoo, a new episode from the Mandalorian (not a little thing) and squirrels frolicking in the park. I love to watch them run around with their sine wave form, hiding nuts, forgetting where they put them, then clambering onto a tree in the shape of a tiny Persian rug. The best part has to be when they jump from tiny branch to tiny branch as if they had life insurance. And then they sit, comfortably on some twig, waiting for you to pass by so they may continue their whimsical routine.

Searching Through the Snow

Shadows grow deep in a doubtful mind
Its light sparks quietly and is hard to find
But when you turn to look deeper, into your heart
Flames grow and hurl your shadows apart
A hollow tree is beautiful when covered in snow
So will your mind be when rooted bellow.

Anam Fiain searching through the snow.

More photos from this album on my facebook page Ana Takes Photos.


“What are men compared to rocks and mountains.” (Jane Austen)

A few images from my November trip to Meteora are now available on the facebook page Ana Takes Photos.

St. Varlaam monastery, Meteora.

Ana Takes Photos on Facebook

More photos are now available on my facebook page!

This site is just for a selection of photographs that are very dear to me. The facebook page can, however, reveal more about the stories they represent.

Check out the trip I did with my parents through the beautiful Rodnei mountains, Romania here.

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