Robin of Lancaster

Robin of Lancaster

On a cold day in February, my feet took me to Lancaster. Williamson Park was my first destination, as my heart yearned to see trees and hear birds singing. As the sun gently rose to caress the mossy trees, I could see a young man climbing one of them. He did so with the agility of a feline, without hesitation or trembling. As he reached the top of the tall beech tree, I stole this glimpse for people to remember Robin of Lancaster.

Frozen Red Lake

Frozen Red Lake

On the third day of Christmas (2019), my family and I wandered along the Red Lake, Romania. Its frozen crust shone in the noon sky, as the wind pierced our skin. Chaotic snowflakes fell on our shoulders as the thick snow yielded under our feet. My mother once walked on the ice here, when she was pregnant with my brother. The ice cracked…

The Path to Edale

The Path to Edale

One sunny October day, I discovered the beauty of Edale, in the Peak District, UK. Its rolling hills and serene lighting enchanted me completely. It reminded me of a time of peace and simple joys, a time of green grass and grazing sheep…ah how my heart soars in the fresh wind of Edale!

The Wanderer

The Wanderer

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;”
(J.R.R. Tolkien)

This is my pensive self on a late spring morning in Tintagel, Cornwall. I remember the freedom I felt then, the breathtaking sights and the complete silence of the mist.

Surf Babies

Surf babies

Two brave little souls brave the unpredictable waves of Tonel beach, Sagres, Portugal. Their mother is watching closely from the beach.

Tonel Surfers

Tonel Surfers

There is a peak in the south of Portugal, where the west and south coast meet. That place is called Sagres, a heaven on Earth. Here surfing is second nature to the locals, with plenty of beaches to choose from. One of these beaches is Tonel, a rocky coast line of breathtaking beauty. Surfers often come here to glaze the ocean waves before the tides cover up the rocks.

Grandpa and the Little Mermaid

Grandpa and the Little Mermaid

[EN] The shy spring sun reflects in the Atlantic ocean. Water seems to shoot out of the depths of the Earth, bringing life breathing algae with it. Geometric structures arise from the kiss of the sea and sky, while people, like moving trees, raise their arms towards the heavens. Clevedon, 29th of March 2019.

[RO] Soarele timid al primaverii se oglindeste in oceanul Atlantic. Apa parca rasare din adancurile pamantului, aducand cu sine alge cu suflare de viata. Structuri geometrice rasar din sarutul cerului cu marea, iar oamenii, ca niste copaci umblatori, isi ridica bratele spre cer. Clevedon, 29 Martie 2019.

Finding my Way

Finding my Way

It was a sunny April day, when me and the my cinema club friends hiked in the beautiful Hasmas mountains, Romania. From the withered, crisp grass one could see crocuses springing everywhere. Their beautiful hues contrasted against the golden ground. Only one stood alone, or rather, determined to find its place in this early spring landscape. The snowdrop, with its tilted head and beating heart, was finding its way, just like the person admiring it.

Anam Fiain Searching Through the Snow

Anam Fiain searching through the snow

It’s the first of February and snowing for the first time in Bath, UK. Some people stay indoors, others build snowmen, I…well, I become a medieval character for two hours. Meet Anam Fiain, the fair lady of the woods.

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