Sunset Ponies

Ponies of Dartmoor at Sunset

After a long hike, trying to find Hound Tor in Dartmoor, we came across these ponies. They were grazing in the ferns, as the gentle sunset rays caressed their manes. Time seemed to have stopped for them, giving a stark contrast to our aching bodies, eager to find shelter once more.

Sheep Way

Sheep Way

Under the shadow of a great oak tree, sheep graze in joyful silence. They do not seem disturbed by passers by and run cheerfully from place to place. Some have had their coats freshly sheared. The paint of man, however, is still smiling from bittersweet pigments on their soft skin. This photo was taken on a sunny day in July at Friars Crag, Keswick.

Tour Cow

Tour cow

I visited Ambleside in the Lake District, towards the end of July 2020. I found a Roman fort nearby, where gentle cows grazed the pastures. This one, in particular, was very fond of maps and information points. Maybe it was just trying to tell me “You are here!”.

Missy’s Easter

Missy’s Easter

Missy is our family Persian cat, we’ve had her for about ten years. This is a picture of her at Easter a few years ago. She got slightly confused about whether she’s a cat or a hen. Good thing none of the eggs hatched.

Finding my Way

Finding my Way

It was a sunny April day, when me and the my cinema club friends hiked in the beautiful Hasmas mountains, Romania. From the withered, crisp grass one could see crocuses springing everywhere. Their beautiful hues contrasted against the golden ground. Only one stood alone, or rather, determined to find its place in this early spring landscape. The snowdrop, with its tilted head and beating heart, was finding its way, just like the person admiring it.

The Secret of the Humble Flowers

The secret of the humble flowers

I was visiting Boscastle, Cornwall with my friends for a couple of days. In the morning, while everyone was sleeping, I snuck out and got creative with the local beauties (I mean the flowers).

The Goose Princess

The goose princess

The Lake District must be one of the most beautiful places in the UK. On a sunny day, not only are all the geese out for a swim, but you also get funny pictures like this.

The Meeting

The meeting

When people do not see each other, doggies will surely do the opposite! This was taken in Clevedon, near Bristol, UK, on a sunny day in May. You are currently standing on the decks of Clevedon pier, where Tolkien might have been on his honeymoon a long time ago.

Aunt Maria

Aunt Maria

Auntie Maria still lives in the house where my dear grandmother Bernaveta used to live. She carries on the traditions, runs her own little farm and plants her own crops. She is very serious in photos, but is a very lively, talkative lady in real life!

Sweet Old Cat Lady

Sweet old cat lady

Now I know why sweet old ladies stare out the window. They are lonely. This sweet old lady was encouraging me to give my mother a hug. She probably wished she could do the same to her mother…This was taken in Sighisoara, Romania.

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