Waiting for the Light

Waiting for the light

As the sun set over Seascale on a lonely summer’s eve, the street lamps waited to be illumined. They waited for the last drops of the sun to sink into the sea. Then they would have the courage to shine into the night. For they knew they were creatures of the night sky, as stars felt relatable. That’s every street lamp’s dream, is it not? To be a star for the Heavens.

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

As I’m walking the empty streets of Manchester, I’m looking for symbols of hope. Like hands shaking and people embracing once more, albeit we are watching through the looking glass. Our world is somewhat distorted at the moment, but there is light, even in the darkest of places. See the full album,¬†Manchester of Light and Shadow¬†on my facebook page.

The Secret of the Humble Flowers

The secret of the humble flowers

I was visiting Boscastle, Cornwall with my friends for a couple of days. In the morning, while everyone was sleeping, I snuck out and got creative with the local beauties (I mean the flowers).

Croatia’s Silhouettes

Croatia’s silhouettes

This was taken in Croatia, possibly in Dubrovnik, as the sun was setting miraculously over the pine trees and people. I should have thanked them for sitting still, it was one of those moments where everything falls into place. I thank them now.

Door to Freedom

conceptart (6)
Door to freedom

Vama Veche is on the border between Romania and Bulgaria. This is a place where the young at heart go and celebrate life in song around camp fires. I set up a tent on the beach, which turned out to be full of nudists. Freedom can be understood in many ways, but this sight made me understand a bit of what it means to me.



This bouche of roses was living the peaceful life in the garden of Voronet Monastery in Moldova, Romania. The paintings of saints on the walls and the quiet, prayful atmosphere there lifted up my heart.

Barramundi Aboriginal Art

Barramundi aboriginal art

This drawing was made with animal blood a while back, by aboriginal people of Ubirr, Northern Territory, Australia. Aboriginals often drew animals they liked to hunt or that carried a religious significance. As it is stated here, the Barramundi fish represents love in the face of adversity.

Hope in the Darkness

Hope in the darkness

Sometimes it is easy to get lost in worries and doubts. Little do we know that hope, however frail, is waiting quietly to pull us out of our darkness. Hope is never lost!

Number 5

AnaMaria_Ciucanu (7)
Number 5

What a beautiful coincidence this was! It’s quite old, but I believe I took this photograph in my home town, Piatra-Neamt, Romania.

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